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web-gongo01s The characters

The Nurse Diddy series is home to a wealth of fun characters. They live in the cheerful community of Keepwell. The five children featured love Nurse Diddy who makes them feel safe and secure when they are feeling unwell. The three animal characters provide a constant source of laughter and mischief whilst the older characters: the children's mums and dads, Dr Bumbler and Nancy the receptionist - are more than a little eccentric!

Please click either on the links below or to the right to find out more about the Keepwell community:

diddystumblecrop Nurse Diddy

gongohappycrop Gongo

ruko crop Ruko

dr bumbler crop colour Dr Bumbler

tobycutout2 Toby Snip

Nurse_Dibby_designs_31_10_09-5 Other characters

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