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diddyfloorcrop How the stories work

The three story types are:

1 Getting Better
You do get hurt, have accidents etc, and you do get poorly – everyone does. Children learn to understand that sometimes these things just do happen – but also that there are people and things in the world to help them get better.

2 Prevention
Sometimes, you get hurt and poorly because of something you’ve done. Children learn to be careful, and aware of things they are doing, and to learn how they can prevent certain illnesses and accidents.

3 Being a Nurse
All the stories show Nurse Diddy at work, but some purely focus on introducing children to the broader of world of nursing care.

Many of the stories are hybrid, where two or more of the story types feature. For example, often where one of the characters is about to be (or has been) poorly / suffered an accident, the focus is first set on the Getting Better aspect of the scenario before switching to Prevention.
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