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web-bagclosed01s The ‘Diddy’ equipment

Nurse Diddy has a bewildering array of medical equipment stowed away in her magical Diddy Bag. This is not to say that her seemingly 'Diddy Magic' is like a magic wand. Everything she uses and does 'medically speaking' is true to life. However, the element of mystery attached to how her equipment floats out of her bag, how it even fits in there in the first place, adds to the fun and 'magic' of Nurse Diddy.

Together with Nurse Diddy's super duper Diddy Car, and her very funky Diddy Tunes emitting from her Diddy Phone, Nurse Diddy just seems to hold the award for most fun gadgets ever!

web-bagclosed01s The Diddy Bag

web-car01sThe Diddy Car

stethoscopecrop Other 'Diddy' equipment
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