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NEAVEN is a low budget feature film of 100 minutes duration by filmmaker Andy Russell, starring award-winning polymath Keith Tutt.

What is NEAVEN?

NEAVEN is a ghost story with a strong mystery or ‘detective’ aspect, as well as being a love story. Through the narrative, metaphysical and philosophical themes are explored in a highly accessible way.

Who’s it for?

Anyone looking for a film that at once entertains and provides a canvas for exploring several of the big, eternal questions.
The anticipated UK certificate is 12.

What’s it like?

NEAVEN breaks a mould. In terms of tone and themes it could be described as ‘art house’, harking back to mid to late 20
th century European cinema. NEAVEN is unique in that these sensibilities are structured within a contemporary story-telling methodology.

What’s the premise?

On the verge of assuming the existence of a ghost with no past, free - but isolated from the world of the living - the spirit of a selfish and cynical middle-aged divorcee, Neaven, reaches out to a woman he believes he may love. But when her identity is revealed and his own spirit starts to fade, he must learn the true nature of love and discover worth in his own soul, before he is forever lost.

Why should I back this project?

Because it’s important for the age we live in and for the future we are in the process of creating that entertainment grapples with those age-old existential, spiritual and philosophical issues which are being shunned by the mainstream.

What’s the project status?

The film is part-shot and we are currently seeking completion funding. See INVESTOR & MARKET INFORMATION from the menu above.

Please explore this site to find out more about the film.

andy@different-films.com for further information.
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