I POSS 03s
Of the infinite possibilities that present themselves to humankind, one likely outcome is our annihilation through a nuclear conflagration. 

Beginning with the advent of nuclear weapons, the film explores a number of such possibilities from modern history, examining 'what if' case studies including:

- how Cold War period experts expected a nuclear war to unfold in Europe
- the Cuban missile crisis
- instances of human error which took us to the point of nuclear war

Looking to the future, the film explores a number of reality-based, fictionalised case studies such as:

- a middle-eastern nuclear war
- an act of nuclear terrorism
- a nuclear confrontation following a reversal in US-Russia relations

In parallel, the film examines the circumstances and decision-making processes which led to the actual double use of atomic weapons against Japan: a nuclear reality experienced by hundreds of thousands of people.

An immersive, experiential journey which leaps repeatedly from the past to the future and back to the present, the film engages the viewer with a diverse spectrum of international opinion from leading experts across a broad range of disciplines, politicians and spiritual leaders.

The film reveals the high probability and likely catastrophic consequences of a nuclear war in the first half of the 21st century, whilst asserting that it is within our capacity to ensure that, of all the infinite possibilities which exist, one where nuclear catastrophe is eliminated as a possibility is the only one we can allow to happen.

Infinite Possibilities is a feature documentary to be produced in association with TalkWorks.